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Women’s Latin Shoes – cross strap, leather, with 7cm heels are suitable for ballroom dancing – especially Latin American, zumba, salsa, etc., but also for balls, courses or social events as very comfortable casual shoes.
Dance shoes with their special construction, method of production and used materials ensure exceptional lightness, softness and comfort. In particular, the arch is shaped, so the weight of the body is not on the front of the feet and therefore the legs do not hurt. Comfort is also provided by the light and soft leather sole as well as the insole of the shoe.

This model:
Is suitable for a narrower foot – we do not recommend a wider foot or with a high instep.
It has a slightly narrowed 7cm heel, which widens at the bottom (Flare 2″ F10).

When buying, please choose a number according to the inner length and length of the foot (just stand on paper, draw the foot and measure the drawing in the longest part); if you do not want to have them completely tight add 0.5 cm, but it is necessary to remember that the shoes will gradually stretch, even in length while using.

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FLARE 2" F10