Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan Martinec. I am the head designer and founder of SARA DESIGN.

I had been dancing since an early years before I became the founder of own dance studio “PEGAFUN DANCE GROUP”. Now I retired from ballroom competitions, but till now have been the dance teacher and adjudicator of dancesport.

So, as an owner of a dance  studio, I began to take an interest in dresses for ballroom and latin dancers. I wanted the girls to feel exceptional and unique, like small princesses, because every girl wanted to be like a princess in childhood. I wanted the boys to feel confident, like real gentlemen. I believe that properly selected clothes can help to reveal the charisma of a dancer. I know how it is important to feel comfortable and nice on the floor. The right costume can work to enhance one’s confidence and creative expression.



SARA DESIGN – is continuation of my dancing career. I cannot imagine a single day without this activity. It’s like a dream which came true. Today I can share it with both: from starting dancers to world-class professionals.

The history of SARA DESIGN: from then until now

SARA DESIGN was founded in MARTIN, Slovakia in 2012. The produces are comfortable and elegant designed with love for men and women. I built a small team of trusted dressmakers who helped realize my vision. Today, we have a team of professional members: dressmakers, tailors, and creative decorators. As a team we proud ourselves using only the finest materials and haute couture techniques. Focus on details and quality is always in our hearts. We seek that our products will be masterpieces for Standard and Latin dancing, tail suits, tuxedo, frack and comfortable praktice wear in the world. We want our clients to feel that we are attentive and caring, designing them with the perfect costume. Each of us can bring something beautiful and unique into the process.

SARA DESIGN tail suits and couture dresses live their own life

On the base of a lot of experience and consultations with the international teachers, dancers and judges all around the world we resulted in creation of the perfect fitting tail suit & tuxedo (lounge dance suit) in high quality. We became the specialists for perfect fitting tail suits.

Each SARA DESIGN dress is unique and exclusive, each dress has its own history, character and made for just the only one of its owners. We preserve this philosophy in our company and offer world–class quality and design throughout all range of dresses.

International recognition

SARA DESIGN created ballroom and latin dresses are recognized in international waters. Our tail suits are chosen by clients from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Japan, New Zealand, the United States and other countries.