UNISEX dance sneakers – leather-textile black DYNAECO





Dance sneakers are very versatile – suitable for ladies and gentlemen for training in all types of dances, e.g. ballroom dancing, Latin, salsa, folklore, modern dances, hip-hop, etc.
The sole of the shoe has excellent adaptability in dance steps and fixation. Especially the arch is protected, thanks to a special production:
Split sole = only in the area under the heel and in the front part of the sneaker. Thanks to which the sneaker adapts to the dance step while moving – the foot is not tied with the sole.
The area of the shoe where there are no sole is raised and reinforced – specifically supports the arch, thanks to which the feet do not hurt and there is no flatness of the foot.
The upper part of shoe is produced from genuine leather (suede). The sole is made of special dance rubber (it does not leave smudges on the floors).

When buying, please choose a number according to the inner length and length of the foot (just stand on paper, draw the foot and measure the drawing in the longest part); if you do not want to have them completely tight add 0.5 cm, but it is necessary to remember that the sneakers will gradually stretch, even in length while using.

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37.5 EU, 38 EU, 38.5 EU, 39.5 EU, 40 EU