Montana / Montana AB – PRECIOSA VIVA12® No Hotfix


Flatback No Hotfix Preciosa MC Chaton Rose VIVA12®

Sizes ss16, ss20: 144 pcs in 1 pack.

Size ss30: 72 pcs in 1 pack


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These stones are designed for application by gluing and have a highly resistant multilayer silver coating that protects against damage and intensifies their brilliance. Our Preciosa No Hotfix stones can be easily fixed with recommended one- or two-component glues on various types of surfaces.

The Special effect ‘AB’, or Aurora Borealis, is a special coating bonded to the outer surface of the Crystal that gives off a rainbow-like effect. The Coloured Crystals with this added coating give off an added dimension to the base color.

  • Preciosa MC Chaton Rose VIVA12®
  • NO Hotfix
  • Flatback
SIZE pieces in 1 pack
ss16 (3,8-4,0 mm) 144
ss20 (4,6-4,8 mm) 144
ss30 (6,3-6,5 mm) 72


Additional information

Stone size

ss16 (3,8-4,0 mm), ss20 (4,6-4,8 mm), ss30 (6,3-6,5 mm)

Stone effect

No effect, AB effect